Monday, October 17, 2005

Duggle is ON FIRE

I have really bad news for those of your participating in the PokerStars Blogger Tournament. I am on FIRE in MTTs lately.

First it was Saturday Night/Sunday morning vs. 199 people in a rebuy tournament at Absolute Poker. Despite never taking a a rebuy vs 308 rebuys for my opponents, I made the final table, losing a coin toss to come in seventh.

Then on Sunday vs 428 people on, I took fourth place, netting $170 for a $5.50 buy in. I got as high as second in chips at the final table, but lost to the chip leader when I flopped top pair with K9 and a flop of 987. He flopped a straight. He was raising with any face card out of his small blind, so I was sure he didn't have A9 or TJ. I went through all the possible hands I was afraid of before going all in, but completely forgot about 56. The biggest leak in my game is overplaying my blinds.

I was lucky to make it to the final table place at all. After the third break I was all in on my big blind with 21 left, but flopped trip queens to quadruple up. I won a few very lucky hands after that too, including A7 vs KK, rivering trip sevens. KK held up very infrequently in this tournament, and I can't remember the last time time I won with them in a showdown. Lately I'm happy to win the blinds with them.

My strategy was very simple in these all my coin tosses. Actually that's not true, but I did beat a lot of people who call with Ax vs my middle and larger pairs. The incredible thing to me is how people call all-ins with A2 and a significant amount of their stack at risk. Maybe it's understandable when half the time the all-in raiser is either on a stone bluff or with KQ, but man is it nice to ALWAYS get paid off on your big hands. You can fold 50 hands in a row, go all in UTG and get called by A9. Ridiculous.

Anyways, if my MTT luck continues as it did this weekend with two final tables in as many tournaments, you all are cooked in the Stars tourney. Consider yourself warned!


GaryC said...

"My strategy was very simple in these all my coin tosses."

I had to laugh there for a minute. That's a pretty difficult strategy to pull off sometimes, seeing as how we all know 0n-line poker is rigged, right?

Congrats on the finishes, I'm looking forward to the Blogger Championship on Sunday.


actyper said...

"KK held up very infrequently in this tournament" +
"The incredible thing to me is how people call all-ins with A2 and a significant amount of their stack at risk. " Ridiculous.

= fold KK preflop lol. I can't stand it. People fall in love with A's so easily. Though I can't say I hate it when I'm going against them with an actual kicker.

SirFWALGMan said...

Dear Richard:

None of you, which is par for the course. But they're closer than you, since all they did was misspell it. Mano a mano is Spanish for "hand to hand." Since hand-to-hand combat typically pits two individuals against each other, the expression is often understood to, but doesn't literally, mean one-on-one. My assistant, Little Ed, made a similar mistake. Having read about the testosterone-driven naming of Grand Teton mountain (look it up), he had for years a giddy idea of the meaning of tête-à-tête. Imagine his disappointment upon discovering it merely meant "head to head."


So technically you are correct, but actually I used the word in an acceptable used form. Man, you just like to start trouble. lol. (Maybe that is why, deep down, I like you).

DuggleBogey said...

Yes, but you said "mano e mano," not "mano a mano." "A" means "to". "E" means "and."

Maybe mano a mano would have been acceptable (I disagree, because hand to hand combat is difficult over the INTERNET) but that is a matter of style. The "a" vs. the "e" isn't style, it's just incorrect.

leathej1 said...

Not to be a dick, but spanish for 'and' is actually 'y', pronounced 'ee'.

"Tu madre esta un hamster y tu padre tiene el olor de las elderberries."