Monday, September 27, 2004


I'm pretty disgusted with online poker right now. It's the people. They act disgusting, and I am disgusted.

I played in the PokerSourceOnline Free Poker Cruise Tournament Saturday night, and got my AA cracked by 88. The disgusting part was the only reason the guy called was because I doubled up on him a few hands before when he called my all-in 88 with his 22, and because one of the other players at the table goaded him into it.

Table coaching is specifically against the rules, but it happens constantly. People make predictions in the middle of a hand, people tell other people what play to make, because it is in their best interests. The moderators at PSO tried to get ahold of it, but even the guy who eventually won was doing some table coaching at the other table when there were two tables left. Maybe they don't know it's agains the rules? Even when you tell them they are breaking the rules, they keep doing it.

After I got bad beat to lose the tournament, the guy who talked him into it was talking shit to me, saying he was glad I was gone and he never liked me. I nominated him for "Shithead of the tournament" at the PSO forum, but my post got edited. If you can't handle reading the word "shit" on a forum, you aren't mature enough to be playing poker online.

That beat put me on tilt for the rest of the weekend, so I tried my best to stay away from poker tables for the weekend. Instead I decided to try and fit all three Star Wars movies from the newly released trilogy onto one disc. Why not? I worked on it for hours and finally got them to fit (edited out all audio tracks except one and cut off the beginning and end credits.) I haven't tried to watch the resulting DVD yet, but I bet the quality is horrendous. Still kinda handy to have all three movies on one disc though. And a fun project for a couple of hours.

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