Friday, September 10, 2004

Not much poker. Bad idea.

Not much in the way of poker this week, which is a really bad idea. I played some while burning DVDs yesterday. I routinely do this to make the burning process go faster. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but if you just let the discs burn without tending to them, you tend to forget they are going and neglect them. If you are doing something else on the same computer at the same time, you are contantly reminded by the slowness of the computer and all the alerts to add new discs and whatnot. Anyway, poker becomes more of a time waster than a money maker. Usually that equals money waster too, but thankfully my game has gotten past that point.

It's a really bad idea for me to neglect poker this week, because I am taking my monthly trip to Kansas City to visit KingLucky and play in his home game. I took Monday off work so I could spend some more time there and go to the Casino. This time we may go to Harrah's instead because they spread a $300 No-Limit game that isn't availabe at the Ameristar. KingLucky knows I am a stronger no-limit player than limit. He has better comps at Ameristar, so it's kind of a toss up. I did well at the limit games at Ameristar last time, so I don't really care either way. I've never played no-limit in a Casino before, I might enjoy it. Sometimes change is good. I will probably work on it tonight, at higher levels than usual, just to get a feel for it.

After a bad experience a couple of days ago at Pot Limit, I may scrap it in favor of NL. I got JJ in first position, after a run of ice cold cards. I bluffed a couple of times to keep my stack in shape, but I was really looking for a big score at this loose/aggressive table. I decided JJ was it. I raised the MAX, but it was pot limit and I was first to act, so all I could raise was $1.75. At this loose table, $1.75 might as well have been nothing. I got 5 callers, and no raisers. JJ against 5 callers might as well be 22. 23 if you don't catch a Jack. A king flopped and I was done. Well, I thought I was done, the table actually checked around. So I bet on the turn, which was a queen. Some bonehead called with his queen/crap, and I checked the river and got to see his overpair. I suppose I should have thrown a bet out there on the flop representing AK and I would have taken the pot, but with 5 callers I had to assume a King, and these guys do NOT drop a pair of Kings because of a $10 bet. Even if it's K2o.

Maybe it's an isolated incedent and I'm overreacting. PL was where I learned poker, and where the bulk of my non-tournament poker is played. I've made a lot of money at Pot Limit. But it's a limit. Sometimes you just don't want to be limited.

I'd like to thank Heafy at PokeronFilm ( for mentioning my blog and for the nice comments. I am learning a lot about Australia just from reading his blog. It must be difficult being that far away and being into American culture like he is. And the movie quotes are fricking awesome.

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