Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Holy Crap!

How do you know if your poker blog has made it? It gets mentioned by everybody's favorite dwarven blogfather, IGGY! http://guinnessandpoker.blogspot.com/
I go one day without reading it, and I nearly missed it when he mentions my blog! Serves me right!

If you're not reading Iggy, lets face it, you're not reading this. But Iggy puts out the most entertaining and informative blog about the poker world, both online and otherwise. How he does it without cable TV is absolutely beyond me. I would pimp bonus code "IGGY" at Party Poker for him if I didn't think http://www.pokersourceonline.com would give you a better deal. Howabout this, if I get a Party Poker referral in the next month, I will send the referral money directly to Iggy via Paypal. Referral Code "DuggleBogey" at PokerSourceOnline will do it.

I'm working on another comic for tomorrow, hopefully it will appeal to a broader audience than the last one. One of my non-poker playing buddies said "I didn't even come close to getting that joke." Oh well, I know at least one poker player got a chuckle out of it.

Played two interesting hands Online yesterday. One at Royal Vegas where I got AQd on the button and called a pre-flop raise to try and keep as many people in the pot as I could. Once it was raised pre-flop I knew I would need a big hand to win based on the raiser (Tight aggressive), and wasn't interested in isolating. The flop was all rags, but two were diamonds. The original raiser bet $2, and I was forced to chase by pot odds when all 4 other players called. Turn was another rag - no diamond, but the original better only bet $2 more to go, and everyone called again. The river was my diamond, and with no pair on the board I was left with a quandry. 6 players in the pot that was $36 already. It checked to me, and I wanted more than one caller. $4 was the magic number I came up with, and only one fold netted me a sweet $56 pot that I only put $10 into. No hand histories at RV unfortunately, I'll never know what they called with.

The other was at a Party ring game. I had already doubled up once in the first few hands to find AKh in the small blind. An EP player raised, and button +1 re-raised. I called along with the button, but EP re-raised all-in way over the top of me. Both players in front of me called, because the original re-raiser (I found out later) was a maniac. I had to call, with a chance to quadruple up with AKh. EP raiser had AKc, button had QTo(!) and maniac re-raiser? The other two Aces. Not a single heart and I was busted. Exciting hand though.

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