Thursday, May 15, 2008

How Dumb?

How dumb are the players at the low level SNGs on Full Tilt Poker?

I haven't played SNGs in a while because I don't even want to commit to even a half hour at one time. But I got to sneak out of work early on time for once today, and I thought I'd try a lower level SNG to see if I had ANY patience left for poker.

I expected the poor plays. You know, the usual. Min raising pre-flop with big hands. Betting 80 chips into a 1000 chip pot. Calling two all ins with Q8 and hitting a Q8Q flop. Telling other players whether to call or fold. The classics. The standards.

What I didn't expect was a dude TELLING THE TABLE WHAT CARDS HE'S FOLDING. To give the game "an extra edge."

No shit.

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jjok said...

calling us dumb (yes me included) would be an insult to dumb people.