Thursday, May 08, 2008

I got nuttin

I can't think of anything else to post, so some more pics from the old days.

Dougs Photos 014
This was a woman who's son mysteriously died in a jail cell in the county lockup. His picture is on her T-shirt. I can't remember what the final determination was.

Dougs Photos 015

The man on the right is Larry Langford. At the time he was the mayor of a small city called Fairfield Alabama. He is currently the mayor of Birmingham Alabama. Loony dude.

Dougs Photos 018
When Miss Alabama won the Miss America pageant, she had a parade through Bessemer, but unfortunately it rained. I took this shot of a little girl waiting in the rain to see her. You might remember that Miss America, she was the deaf one.

Dougs Photos 022
Youth football returned to the area after being gone for a long time. I did a story about the return and always really loved this shot of the kids at their first practice.

Dougs Photos 026
Every few weeks I would go to the animal shelter and take some photos of dogs to try to get people to go adopt them. This woman ran the shelter and she was awesome. They didn't euthanize healthy dogs there. If a dog was anti-social, they tried to train them by letting them run loose in the office.

Dougs Photos 027
Another dog shot. This one was at a Catholic School in the area on St. Francis of Assisi Day, where they would bless your animals if you brought them to the church. Always good to get lots of faces in the paper.

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