Friday, May 23, 2008

Mental Illness

This guy here, (with the really cool name) took over $17K in prop bets that he could win $10K in one month playing only $25NL.

He's set up a web cam so you can watch him. So far it seems like he's down about $35. A warning if you watch his has sound and he sometimes sings along with his music.

EDIT. Amazing how he can play 24 tables at Pokerstars at the same time and still manage to look bored. He's up about $400 now.

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Riverrun said...

The last guy failed to make 40k at 1/2 NL in a month and I would bet this guy will fail as well. Im sure he will give up before 2 weeks are even up. Are you going to be in Vegas for the PSO party this year?