Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The latest expansion for World of Warcraft is scheduled for November of this year, but if you know anything about Blizzard, they haven't made a deadline in a coon' some non-redneck expression that means "forever." I've played my Hunter for over a year, getting him up to level 70 and getting him all the best PVP gear by grinding the battlegrounds. I even created a Druid and leveled him up to 70 and started PVPing. It's rough, because without the gear you really get your ass kicked in by guys who basically have the stuff that my Hunter has.

It has gotten a bit repetitive and tiresome and the light at the end of the tunnel is 5 months away, even if you're optimistic about Blizzard's ability to meet a schedule.

hawkeyeA coworker of mine mentioned he had played City of Heroes and while it gets old pretty fast, it's fun for a limited period of time. We speculated for a while if it would get us through to the WoW upgrade and I finally bit the bullet and signed up for the game last night. He renewed his account and we were off like a dirty shirt.

Seems like the most interesting part of the game is creating your super hero/super villain, along with picking out his costume. There has to be a near infinite number of options. I laughed that the very first physical options are "male" "female" and "huge." I never thought of "huge" as a gender before. I guess you get to a certain size and you become asexual, or at least undesirable to anyone. Maybe I'd better put this pop-tart down.

I ground my way up through some missions and got my super hero to level 4. I created a bow-and-arrow type hero that's pretty similar to the Marvel character "Hawkeye" from the Avengers comics. My costume is fairly unique and I did manage to throw in some poker imagery as I have a big diamond on my chest. I'm pretty sure all the suits were available, but the diamond fit best with the style and color scheme I chose. There, now this qualifies as a poker post.

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Oh, so you are the one who bought the Green Arrow comics.