Thursday, March 09, 2006

America's Sweetheart

barry bonds uh ohMy favorite part of the Barry Bonds story so far is how he originally got his steroids by buying them from Bay Area AIDS patients who had them legally prescribed but sold them to Bonds because they needed the money. San Francisco was obviously the best place for ol' Barry.

There may not have been a rule in baseball against steroids at the time, and while there's certainly no shortages of scumbags in the sport, buying drugs from dying people that need them seems like it should carry some kind of severe penalty, even if just karmically.

I don't think there's ever been this combination of horrible person, horrible media relations and horrible teammate combination in an athlete before.

Ironically, Barry Bonds was easily headed to Cooperstown before he started using steroids. He was a 40-40 superstar. But his need to be bigger (both literally and figuratively) than McGuire and Sosa may have actually cost him his chance to be inducted into the Hall.


leathej1 said...

The sound of Hank Aaron spinning was starting to cause a racket anyway.

Wolverine Fan said...

Baseball lost me as a fan in 1992 and with our local team the Kittycats (Detroit Tigers) having a decade of finishing below .500 record I doubt if I will be a fan in the near future. I wonder if there would be as big of an uproar if Bonds wasn't such an A$$? If he was the darling of the media and fans it would be interesting to see how much they would forgive.
Wolverine Fan