Thursday, March 16, 2006

Change the Subject

This is no longer a poker blog. It's a poker blog blog. That is to say I don't seem to write about poker anymore. All I write about is blogging about poker. I blog about other blogs, I blog about blogger chats, I blog about blogger's banners. Granted all those other blogs are poker blogs, so it's still REMOTELY related to poker, but just barely.

And I have no problem with this. Guys like the "Poker Chimp" think it's easy give out "poker tips" that are original and well thought out. That just proves how fucking stupid they are. If that Chimp ever comes up with anything that is 10% as insightful as this from the REAL Poker Shark then I'll surely die of a heart attack. I just don't have that good of a poker strategy post in me. Let's see if the Chimp is still putting out monster strategies like "play within your bankroll" and "never give up" after two years.

Speaking of blogging about blogging and Sharks, a blogger friend of mine had a problem with "The Shark Army" or the "Shark Poker Tour" or some such douchebag. My friend participated in a "link exchange" with said "Shark" and lived to regret it. When they tried to leave a comment inviting him or his "army" to participate the upcoming Heads Up Challenge (Which I am way behind in pimping, sorry) he jumped all over their shit about "spamming his comments." Here is how I replied to my friend who asked me what to do:

The guy is a douchebag and I wouldn't worry about him.

I really don't do "link trades." They are bullshit. Especially when you have a not-for-profit blog and you are trading with a for profit blog. That's ridiculous. You are basically giving him money and he's giving you nothing.

Link trades are all generally bullshit anyway. Someone is always getting screwed. Whenever someone asks me for a link trade, I always say the same thing "We'll see." If I feel like it I take a look at their blog, and if they are providing SOMETHING worthwhile, I'll link them. If they are just a banner farm, or not posting anything interesting, or are brand new, I don't link them.

Almost everyone that asks me for a link trade is a new blogger. While it's nice to link some new bloggers, most new bloggers post for a few months and disappear. How is it fair to exchange a link on a blog that has lots of hits in exchange for one that has almost none, and will probably go away in a few months anyway? I might mention them in a post, but they don't get a permanent link until they've earned it.

The way I see it, a link is an ENDORSEMENT. It says "I read this because it's interesting and has something worth my time, and maybe it will be worth yours." If you just link every blog you've ever heard of, you are devaluing your power to endorse. You're basically giving away your integrity.

Don't trade links with douchebags like this. You'll be happier, trust me.
I'm sorry if I offended some of the people who have requested link exchanges with me, and hopefully if you were good guys I at least posted about you.

No, my blog isn't the greatest thing ever and I'm certainly not king shit of the poker blogging world. But I do make some (very little) money from this blog and I value it greatly. I have been putting time and effort into this blog for going on two years now, so I definitely think it deserves some respect.


actyper said...

What? No post about how the Sooners cost me one bracket already!! :)

Riverrun said...

I picked the upset!! Go UW Milwaukee!!! lol

So can I get added to your blog roll??? ;)

Falstaff said...

I've gotten that same link exchange request from the same folks. When I get these requests, I tend to go to a couple of other blogs with a TON more readers and links than mine, like Iggy or Up for Poker, and see if they are listed there. Usually if those guys will link them, so will I. What I have recently gotten annoyed at are sites that are requesting "advertising" when all they really want to do is sign you up as an affiliate.

I link blogs I read, and I read waaaay too many blogs. And if people I know ask for a link, I link them. But unsolicited link requests should probably have good content first.

Just my opinion, from my little blog with not many hits, but a BADASS BANNER!