Monday, March 13, 2006

My pimp hand is weak

Wow, do I suck as a pimp. I assume most people reading this blog already know about all the DADI and WPBT events that are going on, but that's still no excuse for not pimping them.

Last night there was a WPBT circuit event, PLO at Poker Stars. PLO is really not my game as much as PLO8, and the differences are amazing. I struggled all night trying to figure out a good starting hand besides AAxx. I played one hand a total chicken-shit with KKxx, because of my insecurity. I ended up 13th or so out of 56 players, so I didn't shame myself, but I really didn't like the way I played a few hands, and I did get a couple of suckouts to make it that far.

Tonight is another DADI event, here is a cool banner advertising it. It's a short-handed event, so six people per table. BlogsAreGay is the password. $10+1 is a good price, anybody who can't afford it shouldn't be playing anyway. Most of the WPBT folks prefer $20 buy-ins or higher, but the DADI folks like the cheaper, more inclusive buy-ins. I tend to favor the DADI crowd.

I'm not crazy about the short-handed format. I like to think I can make adjustments to short tables, but short to me means three or four players, not six. It's just out of my comfort zone. I end up playing my 10-person strategy, and that's not quite right for a table of six. There is pleny of opportunity to practice as every online site offers six-max tables now, but I just haven't done the work. So I will end up being over-aggressive or too tight or some other extreme that will screw me over in the tourney.

At least I know I will be able to give a lot of crap to the players that do better than me, both in the table chat and in the yahoo chat that's sure to occur. I know some of those bastards are six-max pros, and I need to come up with a plan of assault that will give my insults the most effectiveness.

Some people prepare for poker tournaments by getting their game ready. I prefer to prepare by loading up on the insults, and dishing them out like monkeys hurl poo.

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TripJax said...

thanks for pimping it duggle...