Sunday, March 12, 2006

Full Tilt $8500 Guarantee

My flight back to Oklahoma from Lansing SUCKED. My connection in Chicago was delayed an hour while they fixed the backup generator. After an hour of flying, the generator failed again, so we had to turn around and fly back to Chicago. We sat in the airport for hours (although I had a nice conversation and a good gyros on a pita) while they tried to fix the plane. Before midnight they finally gave up and put us on another plane, arriving in OKC after 1am.

I slept most of Saturday after the long travel day, and didn't even get to play a hand on Saturday.

But Sunday weak_player popped up on my IM and invited me to play in a double stack tournament on Full Tilt, the $8500 guarantee. Blinds go up normally but you start with double the normal amount of chips. That didn't stop two players from getting knocked out on the very first hand. I bet those guys are glad they took advantage of the bigger stacks.

I held on and held on and made the money after a couple of hours. Weak_player got in too. He went out when the chip leader at his table limped in front of him. He went all in with 88 and the limper called with TT. I don't understand this play. It's not like TT is a hand you want to slow play, but if you are going to call an all in for nearly half your chips, isn't it a hand you'd like to raise? King Lucky keeps telling me not to try and figure out the donkeys online, and he's probably right.

I ended up in 11th place out of 505 when my AK lost to AQ. I flopped a king, but he turned a straight. I was severely short stacked by that time anyway.

It was great fun playing and chatting with you weak. Thanks for the invite! $24+2 buy-in nets $133.32

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leathej1 said...

You and those Gyro-on-a-pitas.