Friday, March 10, 2006

Back to OKC

Lansing airport has free wireless internet. Free wireless internet rules. Up till now I was playing low limit PL08 at Full Tilt killing time waiting for my flight. Why doesn't everywhere have free wireless internet?

I'm off to Chicago in half an hour, then to OKC for two weeks, probably. I got an email from a boss that wanted to talk about whether I had made the decision to move to Michigan or not, and what other offers I was considering. I tried to call him back four times over 3 hours but never got through.

My plan was to explore any "other offers" next week and make a decision then, so not being able to get ahold of him might be a blessing. I'll reply that I couldn't get ahold of him and that I'll call him on Monday, conveniently AFTER I've explored my other possibilities.

I really like Michigan and the potential here is very high. But the reality right now is very low. All the work is being done outside the plant in a trailer while construction goes on. The trailer is a good half mile from the plant, which requires many walks back and forth carrying all manner of computer equipment. With the weather lately, the trailer sits in a lot with many other trailers, affectionately called "trailer city." The lot is essentially a mudhole. Wading through ankle deep mud several times a day lugging a ton of safety gear and computer equipment doesn't appeal to me as a prospect for the next 6-8 months. After that it will conceivably be smooth sailing, but that could get very tiresome in the near future.

I have some very important decisions to make, and I don't have a great deal of confidence in any of them. But I guess when there's no right decision, you can't make a mistake, right?

I want to personally thank all the bloggers who kept me entertained the last two weeks with the chat rooms and tournaments. Being stuck in a hotel room in a strange city isn't so bad when you can listen to your friends scream in agony over bad beats. I especially want to thank those who participated in the especially stimulating chat sessions. You really know how to have fun. Thanks!


TripJax said...

Good times, Duggle, good times.

surflexus said...

Have a good trip D...enjoyed talking with you in chat as well. I hope I get to meet you in

Veneno said...

I think I had a good time..but somehow I don't remember everything..tequila