Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another Banner Request

Keep those banner requests coming! I aims to please!

arkansaw poker

Seriously, I got a very polite email from someone called "dornie" from Arkansas Poker asking for a banner. Now I like to read the sites, hoping to find some info about it so I can come up with something personalized. I see the "gohogs" and the Arkansas, so I find a nice Razorbacks logo....but as I read on there's a post about how someone is happy that they can refer to "fags" as brokeback now.

What kind of intolerant bullshit is that? First of all, "Brokeback Mountain" has been out for like six months, and this guy is just NOW making "brokeback" jokes? Maybe it takes six months for any pop culture to get to Arkansas? Being happy about finding another way to be a bigot isn't exactly the way to encourage me to help you with the look of your blog, dude.


Klopzi said...

Hey DuggleBogey,

If you can come up with a banner that catches the 'mystique' of Klopzi's Mediocre Poker than I'll proudly display one of your homegrown banners.

My colours are blue/grey which makes me a "winter", I guess...

Wolverine Fan said...

I would love it if you could come up with a banner for my Poker and
Golf Blog. Should be easy theme. A challenge may be to throw in the famous Michigan Wolverine Helmet in the background as you know I am a big U of M fan. (U of M paraphenalia is optional as Poker and Golf are main themes of Blog)
Thanks in advance!!

Klopzi said...

Thanks for the banner!

Sorry for all the e-mails. That's what happens when you look at a new site banner with your artistic wife sitting beside you.

Thanks again - can't wait to put the new banner up!