Sunday, March 26, 2006


Sometimes I am very hindered by my deficiencies. When I made my plans for my next two weeks in Lansing Michigan, I was hindered by my inablility to read a calendar.

I mistakenly made my reservations for three weeks instead of two. In my defense my trip got approved at the very last minute and I made my reservations very quickly.

Now I have to decide between staying in Michigan for an extra week (actually four days since the Easter holiday falls in the last week) or to change my travel plans. Luckily I realized it before I took too few clothes...I won't be desperately searching the streets of Lansing for a coin laundry. I know it would score big points with the "powers that be" in Lansing if I stayed the extra week.

My hopes of moving to Kansas City have basically been dashed. The job I was hoping to get didn't materialize. The only remaining chance is a guy there who is thinking about moving. He has an interview at the end of the month in Baltimore, and he might move there to be closer to his wife, who works in DC. Like a friend of mine said, it should be a "no brainer," but the term "no brainer" only seems to apply to people at my company, not their actions. Anyway if he decides to move, I can apply for his job. If I get it, I can move to Kansas City. That's just too many ifs for me, and I told the Lansing folks that I'd have a decision for them by now. So Friday I told them I was willing to commit to moving to the great state of Michigan. Weather be damned.

I fly tomorrow, so the rest of the day will be spent packing, for three weeks instead of two now. Good thing my suitcase expands.


Shelly said...

Have a good trip! Who needs calendars.... stay the extra week :)

iamhoff said...

Well, at least the weather won't be too different than what you could've expected in KC. Good luck with everything that's coming. In a worst case scenario, I and I'm sure many others are happy to oblige any dial a shot requests...

leathej1 said...

Screw that: