Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just when I think I'm out...

So just when I've resigned myself to moving to Michigan, perhaps even looking forward to ending all the stress of trying to find a place to land, something stirs the whole mess up again, and I get excited about another possibility.

When I arrived in Lansing on Monday one of the leader muckety-mucks asked me if I'd consider moving to Spring Hill Tennessee, as he thinks they have an urgent need there and I'd be an ideal fit. I try to hide at least some of my excitement as there are plenty of people around who think Lansing is heaven on earth and that ground just isn't normal if it's not covered in perma-frost.

I reply that I am definitely interested and he takes it upon himself to clear it with those that want my services in Michigan. To my surprise they approve the activity and I'm beginning to feel like I've gotten a suspended sentence.

Then out of nowhere I get the news that the position may already be filled. What? I didn't even get a chance to interview for this position that's been described as something I may be "uniquely qualified" for? Maybe the Michigan folks shot me down via back channels, or maybe there was someone in the pipeline already that I wasn't aware of.

I know of at least one person in the company working against me and my efforts to move to Kansas City. If he doesn't cool it, I may need to solve my problem with him via the "lime and a shovel" method.

I'm tired of getting my hopes up for situations that seem perfect but for some outside reasons don't work out. I need to go back to being frustrated from poker, not frustrated from EVERYTHING else in my life.

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leathej1 said...

Trust me - this frustration is going around. I'm so far still in Albany, not Chandler, you might notice.