Thursday, March 02, 2006

Too Late

I've been staying up too damn late. It's just hard to turn those guys down in chat when they want to play "just one more SNG."

Of course, as retarded as I am, I didn't actually play a SNG with those guys, because every time I went to join the thing would fill up a half-second before I entered. Oh well.

I had no choice but to chat with those guys, because I had to brag about a $238 scoop in an PLO8 game at Full Tilt. I love it when guys raise pre-flop with AA and can't let it go. Even with three suited cards on the flop (I had the nut flush) and three to the wheel on the board (I had the wheel.) He called a $72 river bet with AA for high and a counterfeited low. Then he tilted off his remaining $50 and rebought for another $100 (table max) but he left before he could tilt away the entire hundred. Omatilt is less common that Hold Em Tilt, but when it happens it can be rough.

Desperate to brag, I found TripJax and begged for a chat invite. Then I realized that the Chicks vs. Chimp tourney was going on. I missed the first 45 minutes or so, but I got the pleasure of watching Mr. "all women except Annie Duke suck at poker" outlast ONE out of four women. Maudie (my new hero) busted him with a runner-runner straight flush. I'm so jealous of her because she got called a "tourist." Thanks to all the lovely ladies who demonstrated that this donkey doesn't know shit about shit. He didn't deserve to sit at the same table with such beauty and grace.

After the third time those guys asked me to join them in a Tourney at Poker Stars with me replying "I don't have any money in Poker Stars," I checked my balance. Duh. I had $77.10 that I won at the Omatard tourney earlier this year. I completely forgot it was in there.

When I missed the 2-table SNG that surflexus, GaryC and TripJax were playing, I joined a $.01/$.02 PL08 game at Stars. I had no idea they had games that small. I laughed every time someone potted it pre-flop for $.07. I found out that I am totally mentally incapabe of folding to a $.02 bet when there are still cards to come. I played so poorly at that table I think it actually wrecked my Omaha8 game. Gary and Surf joined the table for a brief time, but left when the "everyone calls everything" got to them. This can be very frustrating because weird hands get paid in Omaha when everyone is in. The whole point to O8 is PRESSURE, and you just can't apply pressure with an $.18 re-raise.

So finally I missed the last SNG of the night and decided to just play one on my own. A 10+1, and the opponents were....well, not great but infinitely better than Party. I got lucky and got paid off every time I had a hand. With four left I had the lead, but the second biggest stack took out the other two, putting me in second place with two left. I had AKs on the first hand with the BB, and he folded to me. I folded the next two hands to hopefully instill the idea that I was only playing big hands. Then I won every.single.hand after that. I rivered a straight, flopped top pair twice, pushed him off pots or got him to pay me off every time. If I was him I would have been pissed. Heads-up play should never be that one-sided.

By the time the SNG ended it was past 1:30 and I've been getting up at 7am so I was fast asleep by 1:35.

Tonight there will be less poker, if any. I need sleep, I have a phone date to watch Survivor with Mrs. Bogey, and I NEED SLEEP!


theAxeman said...

Indeed, Maudie rocked the tourney.

TripJax said...

good times duggle. get your clicking finger into shape and we'll all register at the same time on the next one.

and thanks for letting us know about the pso forum offer...that was very cool.


leathej1 said...

Wouldn't it be great if they could somehow blend 'American Idol' with 'Survivor'? Sing better, dammit, or we drown you in the tidal pool. They could have Ty from 'Extreme Home Makeovers' be the officiator. He could tell a story about how this was all to benefit somebody with bone marrow disease, and make everyone cry. Then maybe bring out Randy Jackson in a thong, and make him dance the salsa with George Hamilton.

Maudie said...

You're too kind - thanks for the support..