Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Share the Wealth


I spent the morning reading blogs, but not through bloglines like I normally do. I'm looking for changes in the sites I normally read.

What I've noticed is a few PSO advertisements popping up and I'm really happy to see them. PSO has launched their new site, and has made the decision to embrace blogs as a marketing opportunity.

PSO has always been a great affiliate opportunity, although affiliate deals are a dime a dozen these days. But these new ads for PSO are pre-paid advertising. This is a much better deal for those of us who work hard on our blogs and take pride in the content and the appearance.

If you're like me, you get an email every other day from a "potential advertiser" who really just wants you to put up an affiliate link. Opportunities like this from PSO aren't nearly as common. Pre-paid avertising is much more preferred, for obvious and not-so obvious reasons.

I hope everyone that gets an offer from PokerSource takes advantage of it. It's really a win/win/win situation. The bloggers win because they get a little cash for all their blogging work, PSO wins because they will pick up some new customers, and the customers win because they get associated with the best poker bonus resource on the internet.


TripJax said...


GoHogs21 said...

GoBeRude, or Trip jax, you don't know me, but i read both of your blogs, and I am wanting help on how to get a little title pic for the top of my blog like everyone seems to have, and I heard you all might could point me in the right direction, tru or not? Any help is appreciated....

DuggleBogey said...

I don't do banners for blogs with posts by bigots, gohogs. I guess you missed the "brokeback poker" one I did for your blog already.

Shelly said...

Based on your recommendation, I'm checking out PSO's ad thing... may even have to sign up with them :) Problem is, I already have accounts on most of the poker rooms they support. But anyway, thanks for the recommendation, because I almost deleted their email. Then, your post rang in the back of my head... DING! This is what TripJax was talking about! :)