Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm an alternate in the HUC3 tournament tonight at Full Tilt Poker. All the spots are full, but there are some SNGs set up for those that bust out early, and the railbirding should be a good time.

If you're bored and you want to see some blogger-on-blogger one-on-one action, Full Tilt is the place to be tonight.


Jestocost said...

Blogger-on-blogger action, huh? I know there's a joke in there somehwere.

Guin said...

Should be a good tourney tonight. Any chance of getting you to take a look at my crappy blog and thinking of a nice banner to make it look better?

Small Canadian flag somewhere on it would be cool... Guin is short for Penguin... not sure how much inspiration you need!

Maybe I will have to find a way to win a heads up match!

DuggleBogey said...

Canadian Penguins? A little on the nose, isn't it?

I think I could come up with something!