Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Bday Waffles

Since it was SirFWALGMan's birthday, I signed up to honor him. But the tournament was automatically voided because of a server crash at Full Tilt Poker. It's pretty incredible that the bloggers can get the tournament transferred to PokerStars and still get 26 people to join in.

Of course I had to be the first out. In my defense I only made one mistake in the hand, playing the suited hammer instead of the hammer. Anyway, SteelerJosh cracked my hammer with AK. Another freaking suckout. Truthfully I should have just called his re-raise and pushed on the flop and he would have probably folded when Big Slick missed. I didn't like the idea of playing two tournaments at once, and I had Poker Source Online's Poker League to play in, basically at the same time.

Unfortunately I didn't fare well in the PSO game either, as I cold called a small raise from the BB with AJ. Flop came AJT and my opponent bet out small. I raised and he flat called. Turn was a blank so I pushed, and he insta-called with TT and I didn't river an Ace or a Jack. At least I had four outs. I'm sure there's a way to get away from that hand, but I didn't have it in me.

As I was watching the ENDLESSLY fascinating Blogger Game continue, I see an ad for a $.10 tournament on PokerStars. I really never played very much on PokerStars, outside of Blogger tourneys or the one Wil Wheaton event I played. Since the bloggers in chat seem to play a lot on there, I took a look around. They have the SMALLEST games I have ever seen. $.01/$.02 PLO8? Incredible. I donked it up there for a while and I think I lost 200 big blinds....$4! It was fun making dumb bluffs at other bloggers. But who can turn down a $.10 tourney? Thousands and thousands of entries, and I had a blast donking it up there too. Eventually I busted on some crazy hand, and I didn't find out this morning that I was WELL into the money, and actually tripled my buy in! Woohoo! That's twenty cents profit baby!

Anyway, this week should be filled with lots of blogger insanity, both in chat and at the tables. There will be MTTs, SNGs and of course some more heads up affairs with Ms. Poison herself! I can barely wait!


TripJax said...

You did the right thing man. I can't believe Josh sucked out on you...

STeelerJosh said...

Funny Trip, you said the exact opposite on my blog!!

I was actually commenting here to put on your kevlar junk protector when playing HU with Poker Poison. She has a strange power over the cards and can bend them to her will. I want to play with her some more too.... I am 0-2 as she took me out of the HUC2 with a quickness.

Do not, under any circumstances, pull the donk move you did with me with that suited garbage. And your post hand analysis was probably dead on. Weak tight maniac such as myself probably would have folded on the missed flop. I don't make outright bluff's enough. (but I find at the level I play, they are rarely the correct move. Too many monkeys that are only a little bit worse than me)

Good luck with Yosoyveneno. Let us know when you two are tangling so the public can watch you get dismantled... err, umm, I mean compete.

Veneno said...

Okay..I soo need to keep up! How I missed this posting I don't know. I am just smiling with all of the remarks about me.

First Doug, yes, we definitely must play more HU. But I don't think we need to go public. I enjoy dismantling in private...haha

As for you Josh, I was trying to egg you on the other night at Waffles Bday. I remember you wanting to get a chance to salvage your score. It has been a long time and all I can say is..I am waiting...