Monday, July 25, 2005

Okie-Vegas rules

Okie-Vegas was a ton of fun.

I got to the T-bird around 4:00 and signed up for $3/$6 Limit, $1/$2NL, Got on the Omaha8 $4/$8 Interest list and started a new interest list for $4/$8 Limit Hold Em. After about a half hour I got called for $3/$6 Limit. Fifiteen minutes later I got called to $1/$2NL, but after watching 10 hands, every one with at least one all-in idiot, I decided to stay away, especially since I was already killing the $3/$6 game for $60.

Finally a $4/$8 Hold Em game formed, and I moved to the slowest forming game ever.

GaryC and Maudie showed up right about then, and Maudie waited for a seat at the $4/$8 game. The best way to get into these games is for someone to bust out. Which would have happened if we had played ANY HANDS. I only played one blind in an hour, with all the confusion, deck changes, dealer changes, chip runners and just general dealer slowness.

YES I am spoiled by playing online, just like everyone else, but this was ridiculous by slow Casino standards.

Finally Maudie got seated, and she talked Gary into sitting next to her. We jawed it up and had a great time, although I was as card dead as I have ever been in a Casino. Never saw a pair bigger than 9s the whole night. Never saw big slick even. AQ once got folded to me when I raised pre-flop, another time AQ go cracked by Maudie's 67o. The only two memorable payoffs were when I caught a Ten while holding AT and somehow top pair held up despite two callers to the river, and 45s flopped an open ended straight flush draw which I bet the whole way and connected....with a pair of 5s which was good enough even to beat the pre-flop raiser.

Maudie played well, mabye just the SLIGHTEST bit weak/tight. I'd like to see her play a bit more aggressive with her draws, but maybe that's just not her game. Gary was tough to read because he was as card dead as me. I did make a good read when he called a pre-flop raise to a flop of QJT. He took it down with his big slick.

Next Okie-Vegas outing will be at Lucky Star Casino in Concho. Any local Okies are welcome, as well as anyone else. Maudie talked about heading up to Tulsa to play at Cherokee Casino, and since they have a spa for Mrs. Bogey to enjoy, I am up for that as well.

In the meantime, I am KILLING the Poker Rewards promotion I am doing at Poker Source Online I have more than doubled my buy in, not including pending bonuses of $100 and $90 worth of PSO points. I've always done well in the Prima rooms, but either I am catching perfect cards lately, or the players are really bad. The tables seem extraordinarily tight for a change, frustrating me when I am looking for others to build pots for raked hands. But I have hit some big hands and made some really great reads on the few crazy raisers on there.

The bonus at Poker Rewards is 50% up to $200, although I only did half that much, since I crippled my Netteller account with my Vegas trip. If you don't want to do the promotion at Poker Source Online. (if you do it in July you get $90 worth of points instead of the standard $60), consider doing it through Poker on Film so you can play for free in Heafy's Honeymoon Tournament.

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Rod said...

Hey - is there something going on in June in LV??

DJ and I will be in LV for our 10th Wedding thingy on our Great American Road trip. Staying at the Mirage.

Love get togathers!