Friday, October 26, 2007

Conversation with a coworker

Him: "So you play poker?"
Me: "A little."
"Do you play online?"
"Not as much as I used to."
"Is it safe?"
"Yeah, I don't worry about it."
"Have you ever been ripped off?"
"Yeah, once for over $500"
"$500!? You call that safe?"
"I was pretty upset at the time."
"Are the games rigged?"
"No, the games are fair."
"Are there cheaters?"
"Yeah but the sites look out for them."
"Have they caught anyone."
"Yeah, some guys have won tournaments and been disqualified."
"Any people that didn't win?"
"No, not that I've heard of."
"What about guys who are working together?"
"I'm sure it happens."
"Can other players see your hole cards?"
"Not normally, but it has happened."
"Really? What happened?"
"Apparently someone that worked for the site had access and won a tournament."
"What? The sites were involved?"
"Yeah, it was pretty big news in the online poker world."
"Wow, your idea of safe and my idea of safe are two different things."

I need to stop wearing poker polo shirts to work.

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Fuel55 said...

LOL - but without free poker shirts we'd have no wardrobe ...