Friday, October 05, 2007

The Yankees Got Destroyed Last Night

yankees 3D uncle sam hat Or did they?

Yes, they lost 12-3, and at first glance that is a real shellacking. But the Yankees lineup wasn't supposed to get to the hard-throwing lefty, CC Sabathia. Yet they did get three runs from him in the first five innings, with six walks. They loaded the bases in the fifth inning when they were behind 4-3 with only one out. An extra-base hit in that spot by the switch hitting Posada could make it a completely different game.

But Posada struck out, and (0-11 vs Sabathia) Matsui popped out to end the inning. That was their shot, their chance to sucker punch Cleveland into submission. They weren't even supposed to get that opportunity. Too bad they missed it.

Another bright spot is that the Indians used their other lefty, reliever Rafael Perez for two full innings. Why burn your obvious Yankee killer lefty in a game you have wrapped up? Because no game is wrapped up versus this lineup, that's why.

lebronGame two sees Andy Pettitte vs. Fausto Carmona. Pettitte has been a solid post season pitcher, going 14-9 in previous Octobers. Carmona led the league in ERA, but lost his only decision vs the Yankees earlier this year, along with a no decision.

But lets not forget the most important story from last night's game. LeBron James wore a Yankee cap to a baseball game. Honestly, who gives a fuck?

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