Sunday, October 14, 2007


I never post on the weekends. I'd say I'm too busy but that would be a lie. I'm just too lazy. You'll believe that one.

I haven't played a long session of poker in quite a while. I've done hit and runs at the Full Tilt $25 tables, usually doubling up and leaving fast. I like tables where someone is playing crazy. I LOVE tables where two or more players are playing crazy. I was at one tonight, for over three hours. I had around $50 and the two nutballs were in the $80's. An hour later I was still around $50 but both nutballs were broke within two hands of each other. I always type the same thing into chat: "Inevitability." I'm not sure if they get it. I get called names for almost everything else I type in chat except that one. Perhaps it cruises just above scalp level. Or maybe they are just gone and the software hasn't caught up yet.

Oddly I thought I should play something to prepare for the Blogger Freeroll tomorrow at PokerStars. I couldn't find a tourney I liked, so I ended up right back at my favorite short handed $25 tables. You stick with what's working I guess. It's probably the worst preparation for a big tournament you can do though. If I play the tournament like I played that ridiculous cash table, I'd be done in about 10 minutes. Hmmm...a strategy emerges.

I just can't get into tournaments anymore. Poker is such a low priority that almost anything else will take my attention away from it. Even the commitment of 45 minutes for a SNG makes me think "it's not worth it." Yet I will commit to playing WoW for hours if my friends sign on and want to play. But I guess I could leave if I wanted to. In general I enjoy playing it more than poker. It's less financially rewarding, but the money was never really that great, just a nice side effect of an entertaining hobby.

Before playing we went to the drive-in. Second week in a row. This week was "The Brave One" and "Resident Evil: Extinction." "Brave" was good, "Extinction" was pretty typical for a zombie movie. Last week was "Mr. Woodcock" and "Shoot Em Up." "Woodcock" was godawful. Not funny. Very poorly written. "We'll set it in Nebraska, and they'll have a CORN eating contest. That'll be hilarious!" Uh, NO, it won't. "Shoot Em" was fantastic. The action sequences, while ludicrous, were VERY entertaining.

Now that it's getting darker earlier, the drive-in starts at 7pm, which I prefer. I guess because I'm used to my alarm going off at 4:45am I don't like staying up till midnight, especially when I'm reclined in my car seat, watching a movie through my windshield. Yet here I am at 1:22am, writing a pointless post. Sleep is beckoning me. See you all tomorrow at 3pm Eastern Daylight Time.

If you're going to play the Blogger Championship Freeroll, why not play in the British Bloggerment 30 at 4PM Sunday at PokerStars too? It's just $5.50 and the password is "Donkament." Could be fun.

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