Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Business Idea

I think an interesting online business opportunity exists. There seems to be a market for the services of preventing intellectual property from being reproduced on the internet by non-copyright holders.

The only problem with such a business is that it simply isn't possible to prevent intellectual property from being taken. Fortunately, that would not be a requirement for our business.

You see, no reasonable person actually thinks you can prevent their intellectual property from being stolen. So what are they actually expecting when they hire someone to try to do this for them? They want somebody to do something. Anything.

Prince (the artist formerly and currently known as) actually hired the "Web Sheriff," John Giacobbi, to try to prevent his music from being traded on the internets.

This guy has the ultimate scam going. I see a great opportunity if anyone wants in on the scam.

All you do is claim you've prevented the music from being "stolen" by some sites (you can just make up the names of some sites that sound fairly "piratey") and then you charge this naive artist that has no idea about technology a SHIT TON of money for your "services." Maybe set up your own shill "pirate music" sites, then SHUT THEM DOWN with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

Maybe make a few unrealistic legal threats against existing pirate sites, or really just threats of making legal threats. Feed a few bogus stories to the media saying that you're going to "bring down the pirates." Television "news" shows and other media outlets LOVE that sensationalist garbage. They get to drop flashy celebrity names and repeat idle threats. It's quite a racket.

I really think this business could work. Who's in?


SirFWALGMan said...

you need a second business under another front that steals your clients music and sets up sites that you can bust.

Dantana said...

I think it's a good one. Not unlike the companies who make a shit-ton of money telling major media outlets, "what you need is blogs!"

DuggleBogey said...

Indeed. There's nothing worse that corporate "major media" blogs that pretend to be some sort of "community" when they're really just shills.

Be sure to try out PSO if you haven't yet.