Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm in Florida for Thanksgiving and I haven't even thought about poker for about a week...and happier of it. After Vegas I might try not thinking about poker full time.

I'm amazed at all the Ron Paul signs I have been seeing around Florida and elsewhere. I think maybe the Tennessee folks are in a funk because they'd be Thompson supporters if he wasn't coming off like a total old fart. He might pick up some steam yet but the Tennesseans aren't jumping on the bandwagon until there's some indication he might have a shot.

Anyway, my final thought is that it's really been nice hanging around with successful positive thinking people. If all you do is hang around with unemployed losers and assholes, you will eventually become one of them. It's the transitive property of human beings. Surround yourself with intelligent positive successful people and you will find yourself being more like them.

I can't remember the last time I sat at a poker table that didn't have at least one loser or asshole at it. Probably Okie-Vegas or Cincinnati. Otherwise the game pretty much puts you in constant contact with people who will drag you down with them if you get too close to them. Be careful about that. Poker is definitely entrenched in the world of losers and users. Try to just visit it when you play. Don't take up residence there.

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