Thursday, November 01, 2007

Graceful Exit

When you get knocked out of a tournament on a bad beat, that's when your true character comes out.

Some people seem to think that when they lose their temper and start calling names, that's somehow acceptable because there's some sort of grace period after they lose.

But they've got it backwards. They'd have you believe that they are actually very nice people, but once in a while an asshole part of them comes out under some circumstances.

But they're actually full of shit. They are REALLY that asshole. That's their real self, hiding behind the facade all that time. The nice guy act is so that people will interact with them at all. This is especially true if they want something from you.

Just remember, when someone acts like a real jerkoff after getting a bad beat, they're not acting.


jremotigue said...

Well said, sir. My favorite is when a player gets eliminated by a bad beat and, due to being lifeless douche, sticks around for a half an hour to berate the person who bounced him. It is for this reason that my chat is usually turned off.

osinsh said...

Everyone is a jerk. Everyone is asshole. Life sucks in general.

StB said...

I just call them liberals.

Unknown said...

I grimaced losing last night on a beat late in the Mookie, but your best bet is just to walk away.

You're not getting the chips back, so what good does it do to start up an arguement?

Daddy said...

Spicy chorizo.

Jordan said...

you've been tagged (sorry)

Mine might be a bad reference because it's huge compared to others. For a smaller example of what to do check out Kaja's.