Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cheating in Football

jetsWhat is cheating in football?

What's the difference between trying to steal defensive signals and roughing the kicker? One is "cheating" the other is "a penalty." You might say one is premeditated and the other is unplanned.

So what is the difference between videotaping the defensive signals and yelling out fake snap counts? They're both premeditated. They're both specifically against the rules.

Yet the J-E-T-S (who narced on the Patriots for the video taping thing) are ABSOLUTELY guilty of yelling out fake snap counts in the game against Baltimore on Sunday.

Why is that violation of the rules any different than what the Patriots did? Because it was on the field and committed by players instead of coaches? Because there was technology involved? They were both warned in advance that they were breaking the specific rules that forbid that behavior.

I guarantee you there will be no fine or draft picks involved in the punishment of the Jets cheating, if there is any punishment at all.

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TraumaPoker said...

By ABSOLUTELY do you mean the Balt coach saying they did it or do you have the audio form the field that proves this?