Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Survivor China

Look closely at the guy on the far left in the cast picture from Survivor China. Below is the individual cast picture of that dude.

jean robert

That is Jean-Robert Bellande, of WSOP Circuit fame, finishing 3rd in March 2005 all the while making a total ASS out of himself with table talk. In case you don't remember, this will jog your memory: "EXCELLENT LAYDOWN!" His profession is listed as "Professional Poker Player." I plan on watching this season just to root for him to get voted off. Based on his personality at the table, it shouldn't take more than a couple of episodes.


Jordan said...

I'm rooting for him. Even though he was a jerk at that WSOP Circuit final table, I still feel that he'll be representing poker players this year in Survivor, and I hope he can use the skills he's learned in poker, including reading people and tilting them, to win the whole shebang. Then again, he might make us all look bad, but I'm ok with that too. Poker is sorta counter-culture, even if it has stepped into the spotlight and is becoming more mainstream.

TraumaPoker said...

I don't think you need JRB to make you look bad.

StB said...

I missed the first episode. Didn't know this clown would be on. Did he bring a silly knit cap as his personal item?