Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'm a Super Tard

When driving back from lovely Dayton Ohio last month I conveniently maintained my speed of 80mph even though the 14-lane interstate I was driving on lowered its limit to 55 for 100 yards or so. I was stupid, I got caught, I must pay the fine.

Due to some other complications of my expense situation, (the hotel double charged me for the first night,) the normally smooth process of expense reimbursement has been rather protracted. I put the ticket from the Louisville Officer in my expense folder and promptly forgot about it.

I opened it today and discovered that the unpaid ticket is due in two days. If you mail in the payment, it must be received SEVEN days before the due date.

DOH! So it looks like I'll be driving up to Louisville on Thursday to pay this ridiculous ticket. At least the court time is 7pm, but that's Eastern Time and Nashville is in Central Time (Even though I think Nashville is actually EAST of Louisville) so I have to be there by 6pm. It's a 3 hour drive (if I speed) and I have no idea where the courthouse is...

My other option is to call a lawyer in Louisville and have him take care of it for me. It will cost me around $50 in gas so I don't think there's any way a lawyer will be a cheaper option.

I didn't have plans for Thursday beyond watching the NFL opener anyway. Sadly, I think the deciding factor will be that I don't have any fantasy players on either team playing.


Unknown said...

Better use mapquest to find the place before you go speeding off.

Wwonka said...

You might be able to pay the Ticket online. I know u can in Mass.

check out the DMV website.


DuggleBogey said...

I checked online and they only let you pay via mail. This is KENTUCKY we're talking about...

Unknown said...

About 10 years ago, I got a ticket near Lexington, and promptly forgot about it. I called the courthouse and was able to pay it over the phone. Might be worth a shot.