Monday, September 24, 2007

Crossing the Line

The United Auto Workers union went on strike at 10:00am this morning.

It was odd sitting at my desk watching all the hourly employees, including the supporting union construction workers walk out of the building between 10 and 10:30 this morning. A lot of them were dragging tool boxes, presumably so nobody could come in and do their jobs in their stead, although that could never happen. Every one of them also had a cooler.

There were meetings telling us what work we can and cannot do, what work we have to get expressed permission to do, etc. There were also instructions on how to cross the picket line, especially if you drive a foreign car. If they put up too much of a fight, turn around and try another entrance. Watch out for drunks.

I do, in fact, drive a foreign car. A Nissan, made in New Jersey. Betcha didn't know New Jersey was a foreign land, did you? You've obviously never been there.

Anyhoo, I'm likely to catch a lot of hell from the picketers tomorrow morning when I attempt to go to work. I had to be there by 5:30am this morning for some special duties but those got canceled for tomorrow due to there being NOTHING going on. But I'm thinking that 5:30am is a good time to get through the line with the least amount of hassle over my foreign Jersey-mobile. Although if there are going to be drunks at 5:30am, they should be good and ripped.

They are supposed to be at their posts 24-hours-a-day, but since the TV cameras were there this afternoon they were present in mob-style throngs. Hopefully there will be no cameras tomorrow morning. Root for a busy news day for me.


Daddy said...

Just don't let the blue-collar hilljacks see you drinking the Smirnoff Grape, or you're really fucked.

Unknown said...

Why would any idiot walk out on a good paying job like that? Unions have had their day but now they are useless. I assume that someone will use this to raise gas prices.