Monday, September 17, 2007

Hot Girls In Love

I may have heard the worst 80's song ever on XM radio while driving home this evening..."Hot Girls In Love" by Loverboy.

She's turning on the heat
She's got the magic touch
She's turning on the heat
It's just a little too much
She's turning on the heat
It's a hundred above
Hot girls in love
Maybe 100F is hot in Canada. Or they're on Celsius, in which case she's pretty darn hot.
Either way, shitty song.


The big deal about SuprNova coming back is that there were some leaked emails by a company called "Media Defender" which basically proved that they set up a P2P sharing site specifically for entrapping people who attempt to share copy written material. I didn't read all the emails, but there was an attempt to "incentivize" the process, which basically means lure people into sharing copy written material by rewarding them in some manner, be it financial or otherwise.

The other big news of the day in illegal downloads is Spiralfrog who are trying to be an alternative to illegal downloads. They have a big (Vivendi/Universal) catalog and offer free music if you look at their ads at least once a month. Pretty fair deal, if it's sustainable. Even if it's not and all your music expires, who cares it was free, right?

The only thing earth shattering about this is their wholesale rejection of Apple/iPod. The exclusion of iPod is pretty unavoidable as they don't support .wma files and that looks like the format Spiralfrog is using. But there's no reason someone couldn't support a DRMd .wma player for Macs, yet the company is not doing so as a big "fuck you" to Apple. Good for them. It will be mere moments before this is hacked to pieces, but it's nice to see someone take shots at iTunes, the largest music distributor outside of Wal-Mart.

So run out to iTunes, or Spiralfrog or your favorite (legitimately illegitimate) P2P site and see if you can download "Hot Girls In Love." Do it NOW!

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Jordan said...

I don't know that it's a shot at apple. I think it's more so that they need a protected file type, but apple probably has restrictive patents or something of the sort on the only available protected file type that will work with the ipod (most likely specifically designed by apple to do this to avoid competition for itunes).

In the mean time, to get .wma's onto your iPod you just use a program called "TuneBite" which rips the WMAs through your soundcard to mp3s. Problem solved.

Surprised you haven't seen/heard/written a short about the current crazy shit going on at Absolute. I've got a short up about it if you don't know what I'm talking about.