Monday, September 10, 2007

What a Waste

I feel like I wasted an entire Sunday.

Yes, I spent the ENTIRE day following my Fantasy Football League's results. I thought it would make the games more interesting, sort of how having bets on the games does. Wrongo! Dull Dull Dull.

After going to the supermarket to stock up on supplies, I watched all of the Philly-Green Bay game only to have my receiver catch ONE PASS in the entire game. YAWN.

My intention was to devote the entire day to football, but that didn't happen as I got so bored I fired up WoW for the second game, Chicago vs. San Diego. Another yawnfest, but at least I got two bubbles in 69...almost there! (I'm laughing to myself because all the poker heads are going 'he what?' and the one or two WoW players are going 'cool!')

I used the hour between game two and the Sunday Night Game to make dinner for Mrs. Bogey and myself.

Game three was a snoozefest, which is exactly what I did, falling asleep before the game even ended. Nine hours is a lot of football in one day. So I still had to wake up this morning and read the scores of my colleagues, just as if I hadn't watched the games at all.

The moral of the story? If you're going to watch a lot of football, make a few bets on the games. Or maybe it's go outside and do something with your life for a change.


StB said...

How the hell can a 45-35 game be a snoozefest??? Especially with Dallas turning the ball over at the end of each half making the game tight???

Maybe you should take up watching water ballet.

DuggleBogey said...

That's my point. If I had money on the game that would have been interesting, but because I was only watching for FFL stats, it was dull as doing dishes.

Jordan said...

How many bubbles are there total? ten?

Unknown said...

Leveling a toon to 70 over watching football?

Next time bet on the games too in a non-UIGEA approved way of course!